Hands Here, Hands There, Hands Everywhere!

Hands Here, Hands There, Hands Everywhere!


Hands... They are everywhere... What can you possibly do with them...

Hands - who would have thought that they could be the bane of your existence. You think you have taken the perfect picture, the pose is gorgeous, the setting delightful, BUT when you look at the resulting picture, those hands look like conjoined pieces of spaghetti , splatted across a wall... Just a mangled mess.

"The images are amazing. You have such amazing attention to details!" (feedback from a recent portraiture shoot)

It takes considerable effort to poses hands. Time and effort to step away from the camera and pose the subjects hands in such a way that enhances the image. Hands can really make or break an image.

Before checking out the article below, examine the three images by us here at Elder Photography. Each image tells a story, with hands purposefully in each to help express an emotion.

Check out the article Handiwork: How to Pose Hands

posing hands-photography2
posing hands_photography
posing hands 3