“I hate getting my picture taken!”

“I hate getting my picture taken!”  How many times have we said this, let alone heard other people say it.  We could be having the time of our life, but the moment someone pulls the camera (or camera phone) to their eyes, dread and fear arrives, unannounced but ready to make its presence known…

Peter Hurley (@peterhurleyphoto), head shot king once said that he was “90 percent thearapist, 10 percent photographer”.  I get this.  One of the main roles we have as photographers is to help the person we are photographing to feel calm in front of the camera. To help ease the thoughts running through their head and create a safe and personal environment in which to capture some beautiful images.  

The article “7 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Happiness and Success” seeks to look at the thoughts our brain has.

·         Do you know how many thoughts you think on a daily basis?

·         Most of them are of the ‘worrying’ kind?

·         Psychologists have discovered that more than 60-70% of what we think is discouraging, ‘mental chatter’.

This article introduces 7 surprising keys to happiness which include:

·         Just start!

·         Get the wording right

·         Thanking

·         And more…

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By looking at our thoughts can we become more comfortable around the camera and others…