Three simple words - You were right.

And there it was. Three simple words. The words that I have longed to here from the lips of my beautiful wife.

You were right”

Like a honey covered icecream dipped in a big back of sugar, nothing was sweeter than hearing those words.  I looked over towards Emma, her gaze unwavering from family photos taken by Society Photography (

 Image by Society Photography (

Image by Society Photography (

In setting up Matthew Elder Photography, one of my biggest critics has been Emma.  Right from the start her argument has always been the same – “who in today’s time is going to go out and pay a professional to take a family photo?”  Today everybody has access to a camera. Anyone can line up family members along a wall and take a photo of their kids for which they are proud of.  And rightly so.  But as Emma looked at the print has she hung it on the wall, she ‘got it’.

“Do as I do, not just what I say”

The family portraiture session was an anniversary gift this year for Emma and I.  Celebrating five years of marriage I thought it was about time that I put my money where my mouth was and organise a photo session with a photographer whom I greatly admired – David from Society Photography. Emma was a willing participant on the ride but not in it all the way. Great time went into ensuring that we had the best experience capturing our family portrait. In the hands of the David we met a Balmoral Beach, a personal favourite spot of ours, and let him lead us on a family journey.

Seeing the images at the end turned Emma into a believer. She got the value in having a trained professional guide us through the session, taking the time to work with the light available and leave us with images that are breathless, and timeless. These are images are now hanging on our wall, for us to treasure for all time.

elder family photography

We live in a time now where the only time we cross paths with a professional photographer is on our wedding day. This is something that needs to be re-evaluated. Having a professional photographer capture your family is an investment in your family.  To have beautiful images that capture your family is truly a remarkable gift and one that we all too quickly take for granted.


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