Consider the background - photography tips

Consider the background

Too many times we get so excited about taking a picture of loved ones that we forget to consider what is in the background. We take an amazing moment of our family only to discover that there is a tree ‘growing’ out of someones head, or there is a random empty water bottle lying just to the side of the family. ARGHH

It is important to take a moment and consider the background of the image. Take a second to look around the subjects and check for any of the following:

* are there any trees growing out of your subjects heads?
* any personal (e.g. bags or hats) or other items (tree branches, garbage bins) lying about that can be moved?
* what else is in the background - cars, random buildings, signs?

I know I'm guilty of this at times. Thankfully I've Emma beside me to remind me to slow it down.

Cluttered background (too much going on) can take the attention away from your subjects or well-meaning shot. A simple background is is best. smile emoticon

family portraits sydney

‪#‎Tip‬ - take a few steps left or right to see how your shot changes. Additionally, take a few (many steps) backwards, and zoom in (if with a dslr). This will reduce the clutter in the background.

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