Elder Photography is a boutique wedding photography studio founded by Matthew and Emma Elder to provide a unique and individual experience to their brides and grooms.  

As a studio we limit the number of weddings we shoot each year so that we can offer to you a personalised experience, providing artworks that best capture the essence of your special relationship. Instead of simply taking photos, we tell the story of your day and capture the many emotional experiences of the day so they are preserved for many years to come.


About Matthew:

"How long have you been shooting weddings"
I shot my first wedding when I was twenty one.  Back in the day I was that 'friend with camera', the friend with a good camera that was always around taking pictures. I'm afraid, yet curious to go back and look at the images from that day. Knowing what I now know about posing, working with available light, and the flow of the day there is a part of me that wants to see just far I have come since that day some 14+ years ago. 


Hi, I'm Matthew Elder and as you've probably guessed, capturing beautiful moments is my passion.  I have grown up with cameras my whole life.  I remember blasting through my first role of film as an eight year old with friends (one of whom I photographed their wedding this past year), to learning how to shoot my fathers old Pentax SLR camera. As the 'friend with a camera' I shot my first wedding as a 21 year old and have had a camera close to hand ever since.


Photography as a career never really came into consideration until 4 years ago when my wife Emma and I found out we were expecting our beautiful daughter (who is now three).  This time lay the foundations for a love of beautiful portraits.  Being able to capture those moments in-time that we now look back on, and will continue to look back on as we grow older with time.

"My memory isnt the best so looking back at my collection of images takes me back in time"


I founded Elder Photography as a way of sharing the gift of captured candid moments.  A father of a beautiful little girl, I have come to learn first hand that these special moments are fleeting, and go so quickly.  Photography for me is about preserving these moments. 

"I feel so privileged to be able to take images on ones wedding day.  I get to capture moments witnessed by only a few - a father seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time, a groom nervously getting ready - and preserve them for all time. "


If you've just got to know MORE, read on...

  • I love adding smiley faces to all my correspondence  i.e.  =)   I don't know if its too overboard, but i have a positive outlook on life.

  • I am a huge podcast fan.  I must listen to 20+ podcasts a week.  I even wrote a blog about them not too long ago - click here to read it. 

  • My current dream in life is to take my daughter to DisneyLand.  She absolutely loves all the Disney Princesses, and can tell you their names and who their boyfriends are.  I cant wait to see her face as we make our way to Cinderella's castle.

  • I am an original SNAG, a Sensitive New Age Gentleman.  We dont get mentioned much these days.

  • My worldview is that life is 'relational' and 'emotional'.  We cannot exist in this life without other people (relational) and with this comes emotions (love, hate, tolerate, desire).  This is shown in all my images. 

  • I get a case of performance nerves the night before each wedding.    These performance nerves push me to greatness at every wedding I shoot.

  • I met Emma through eHarmony.  I was tired of meeting women from far distant locations and had as a part of the registration form indicated that I wanted to be in contact with people from as short a distance as possible - she lived 2 blocks away.

  • Emma's opening line to me when we met at a pub on King Street was - "So whats a country boy like you, doing in the city, studying psychotherapy?"   At this point I thought, she is the girl for me, and I have never looked back.

  • Emma is the Ying to my Yang.  We are the same style in many ways, including outlook on life and a history in working in community services, yet we are the exact opposites (black vs white) in other ways - I am reserved, she is outgoing and voicetress. She is the hare and I am the tortoise. 



About Emma:

Principle album designer and second shooter. With over 15 years of experience in design, Emma brings a contemporary twist to wedding albums. Uniquely designed, each album captures the story of the couple through picture and written word.



We believe in the inherent strength of a humanity where the backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of all people help us to create beautiful images to share with our clients and extended families.